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Strategic Storytellers

Our mission is to produce visual content that resonates with viewers, regardless of genre, scale or platform. From creating the overall strategy, to organising and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, we ensure our clients’ projects are seamless from start to finish.

It's basically how we treat our own projects!!

Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully-fleshed out concept, Khando Entertainment can bring your vision to life. If you have an upcoming project, get in touch today so we can work together.

What our production team can do for you:




Music Videos




Post Production/VFX


Production: Inner_about




A Boy A Man and A Kite

Director: Adam Matalon

A dying man contemplates his limbo and revisits his younger self, exploring the sources of his coma. The film explores themes of love, sexual abuse and redemption. It's a film about loss of innocence and hope.


Tin Holiday

Director: Joe Camareno

Best friends Samuel and Jesse travel to London from Los Angeles after a life-changing event in Samuel's life. What was supposed to be a holiday for Samuel to find a way to "start again", they find themselves in trouble with the Punjabi mafia, Interpol and in inappropriate couplings.

Consequences Poster V3 small.jpg


Director : Ajay Nayyar

Ronnie and Lisa are trying for a baby. Lisa's behaviour is a little erratic and obsessive causing Ronnie to become disillusioned with his wife's 'love-making' schedule. He seeks comfort and affection in Katy, yet the consequences of his actions could open up a whole new wormhole.

Production: Project

In Development

The Hound's Curse

Director: John Wate

A dynamic, fast paced, supernatural thriller / horror inspired by real events based in South Africa. Zeah, the no-nonsense head of South Africa’s Occult Crime Unit (ORCU) and a foreign journalist have two days to rescue a boy from the hands of brutal traffickers and witch doctors - only to find that they are themselves in a countdown to save their own lives and sanity.

Mercy Run

Directors: Danny McNair & Mike Gibson

The emergency tunnel from St Mike's to Mercy Hospital is 3 miles long, the ambulance carrying the transplant heart for Sam Coyne's wife never made it out, neither did the rescue team, she has two hours to live…he’s going in...


Director: Hakeem Kae-Kazim

A translation of Shakespeare’s MacBeth, MAKAWA, a Military Officer, egged on by his ambitious wife, works to fulfil a prophecy that he would become king of his newly liberated country. This narrative of when evil is chosen as the source force of political power speaks to the world at large. Makawa transposes the plot of Shakespeare’s Macbeth to contemporary Africa infusing it with African sensibilities. Beginning with the language, culminating in traditional African practices and beliefs –all told through the prism of Makawa and his greed.


Director: Mark J Blackman

Miles Pryce is a London street performer with a tortured past and a hopeless future. He falls in love with the spellbinding Lara who soon goes missing. And Miles receives a phone call from a man named Glass with Lara kidnapped, Miles must do whatever it takes to save his reason for living even if it means revisiting his dark history. Which is exactly what the mysterious man known as Glass is forcing him to do. Partnered with a taxi driver protecting his daughter and a detective compelled to uncover the truth, Miles rekindles his murderous nature in a desperate attempt to turn the tables on his puppet masters. The result is a brutal battle that takes place in the shadows of London’s sleeping city streets.
Tense, terse and unforgiving, Teardrop proves how far one man is willing to go for love.

The Theory of Everything

Director: TBC

A physicist with a radical theory about the nature of the universe becomes obsessed with a girl he saves from drowning, while a science writer and his girlfriend struggle to save their fracturing relationship. Their lives intersect in strange ways as the universe draws them into intimate connection with each other, resulting in both tragedy and beauty.

Fire and Ice

Director: TBC

Adapted from the international best selling novel written by Michelle Barrow-Belisle, to save her mother's life, a gifted teen follows her new boyfriend into a dystopian Faerie realm, only to discover she's the dark-magic Princess destined to destroy their world, and he's the Elven Prince destined to destroy her.

Shattered Glass - TV series

Director: TBC

Ravi Chopra, a well respected psychologist closes his private practice due to one of his patients committing suicide. His guilt lies in the fact he had an affair with said patient. He joins the police full time as a criminal profiler, chasing what seems to be a serial killer. As time progresses, and more bodies are found, we see an all too familiar connection between Ravi and the victims.

Production: Project
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