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Khando Entertainment formed in 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Starting in production, we rapidly expanded into West London; opening the doors to our HQ. With major influence from our Hollywood experience, we were ready to make a statement in the UK entertainment industry. Our desire and passion for new projects meant that Khando would operate in as many aspects of the industry as possible. 

We now offer: Production, Professional Photography Studio, Green Screen, Headshots, Copy Editing, Coaching/Consulting (Actors/Actresses/Crew), Location Scouting, and Casting. Our crew is top notch in each of their pertinent industries, we are very proud to have opened doors in both the US and the UK for transatlantic fusion of entertainment industry markets and eager to create new opportunities and provide the best advice and services to our clients.

Khando has since opened a commercial production department with some of the most talented directors on their roster, working with a number of the most recognised national and international brands across the globe.

Director of Photography
Film Slate Marker
Film Crew
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