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More About Us

Khando Entertainment was formed in 2008 in Los Angeles starting mainly with production. Very quickly they opened and expanded into London with a view to make a statement in the industry in the UK. With a huge influence from Hollywood, there was a want to create something unique and innovative from the beginning.


A sheer desire to work in, and passion for the entertainment industry meant that Khando would operate in as many aspects of the industry as possible. And so, producing, representing talent, and casting were all to be covered from day one.


From there, Khando has since opened a commercial production department with some of the most talented directors on their roster, working with a number of the most recognised national and international brands across the globe.

Khando also has a post production house with full editing and grading suites available specialising in VFX for commercials, feature films, music videos and other visual mediums. We also support larger vfx / flame studios providing the highest quality roto, prep, camera tracking, and our work alongside these studios have won a number awards since 2011.

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